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Take Control With The Heart Health Formula

Worried about your future risk of heart disease?
Want a world class framework for defining and reducing the risk of heart disease?
The Heart Health Formula Is What You Need. 

Most People Feel Lost When It Comes To Understanding Their Risk of Heart Disease. 

People who are worried about their risk of heart disease usually feel like they cannot get a clear picture of their risk and what to do about it.

- Too many conflicting opinions online. 

- Doctors who are too busy to explain key concepts.

- Healthcare systems that focus primarily on treating disease rather than preventing it. 

- An unwillingness to use advanced lab testing and diagnostics. 

- No clear guidance on how to use lifestyle measures to reduce their risk of heart disease. 

- No instructions on how to track progress over time. 

- A sense they are trying to figure things out by themselves with no guidance. 

- Lost and worried. 

This is what most people say when I ask them what their challenges are when it comes to preventing heart disease.

Doctors are doing their best in a highly constrained environment, but most people I speak with are searching for more. 

There Is A Solution To This Problem. 

It simply requires applying a structured formula to:

- Understand Heart Disease. 

- Do The Right Blood Tests, Scans & Functional Assessments.

- Use Targeted Measures To Significantly Reduce Future Risk.

Getting This Right Can Add 10 Years To Your Life.

That is what The Heart Health Formula Is For.

 You Have TWO Great Options...

"I feel that the risks around my heart health have been identified and are now being managed properly. I realise now that the standard approach to assessing the risk of heart disease was not enough."

"Dr Barrett is reassuring and has a brilliant way of communicating. He takes a broad perspective and is encouraging in helping you adopt a lifestyle and make the necessary changes which are focused on health and well-being but take cognisance of the busy world in which we all work"

"Dr. Barrett’s dedication to prevention and ability to explain the choices I can make to reduce my lifetime risk of illness have been invaluable for me. Dr. Barrett focuses on the patient as a whole."

1. Heart disease is the Leading Cause of Death worldwide. 

2. 90% of early heart disease is Preventable. 


These Two Facts Should Astound You.


Over a long enough time frame, everyone will likely develop heart disease.

That is not the issue.

The issue is when people develop it much earlier in life and don't know about it. 

For some, their first encounter with heart disease is a heart attack. 

They are the lucky ones. 

For others, their first encounter with heart disease is sudden death. 

While heart attacks present suddenly and without warning the disease that causes them, atherosclerosis, has likely been building up for years, if not decades prior.  

The goal is to do everything possible to reduce the risk of early plaque build-up. 

And even when plaque is already present, do everything possible to reverse it (Yes, that's possible) and make sure it does not cause an issue. 

Let Me Tell You A Story. 

Alan is a 45 year old man who asked to see me because his Dad had a heart attack in his late 40s. 

He had attended his Doctor who said his labs were OK but his 'cholesterol was a little bit high' and he should watch his diet. 

Alan was still worried. 

He felt he hadn't gotten a clear picture of his risk of heart disease. 

Looking at all of his numbers things did not seem too far off target. 

But we decided to dig a little deeper. 

After going through the Heart Health Formula process we discovered he had significant amounts of plaque in his heart arteries and he was at a very high risk of a heart attack in the future. 

We also discovered the genetic reasons for his early plaque build up. 

Most importantly, we put in place a plan that would significantly decrease his risk of dying from heart disease. 

Alan's story is not uncommon. 

Most people just want:

  • A clear explanation of heart disease
  • An in depth assessment of their real risk
  • An actionable plan on how to reduce their risk.¬†

Unfortunately, most people will not have the opportunity to work with me individually. 

Which is why I want to share the formula I use so that you can see all the steps and how to implement them. 


Dr Paddy Barrett - Preventive Cardiologist.

Why should you listen to me?

At the end of almost 20 years of medical training, I found myself in one of the world's most prestigious institutions specialising in the treatment of heart disease using stents and advanced procedures. 

On the verge of taking a job that would have earned me more money than I could have ever imagined...

I walked away. 


Because I realised that waiting for people to require stents to treat their heart disease was too late 

Heart disease could be tackled much earlier in life and mostly with lifestyle measures. 

I have spent the last 10 years researching the best way of preventing heart disease early in life. 

I have worked with some of the world's most famous institutions, including:

  • NASA
  • The New York Academy of Sciences
  • The Scripps Translational Science Institute
  • Columbia University Medical Centre. ¬†

What I have learned over the last 20 years I want to share with you so you can reduce your risk of heart disease. 

What Others Have Said...

"Direct, clear and unfiltered assessment. Data and statistically backed insight on how to reduce risk. Providing guidance and helpful actions that increase the possibility of living longer"

"With the significant amount of conflicting information about how to optimise heart health, it is of immense benefit to have someone with Dr Barrett's skills and expertise be able to explain and advise "

"For me, Paddy's analytical and data driven approach was very beneficial in evaluating the risk levels now and into the future, giving me a roadmap and piece of mind"

What Can You Expect To Achieve With The Heart Health Formula?*


A Clear Picture Of Your Risk Of Heart Disease. 

Without an understanding of the fundamentals of heart disease there is no way you can put in place a structure to define your risk. The Heart Health Formula is what I would consider a world-class way to define your risk of heart disease. 

Access To A Library Of The Tests & Scans That Best Evaluate Risk.  

Most people get a set of yearly blood tests as part of a heart health assessment. These are not enough. The Heart Health Formula Takes You Through Advanced Lipid Testing, Heart Scans and Functional Tests such as V02 Max etc.

A Step By Step Approach To Reducing Your Risk Of Heart Disease With An Emphasis On Lifestyle Interventions.  

The greatest reductions in the risk of heart disease are achieved when lifestyle factors are optimised. The Heart Health Formula gives a step by step solution to what these are and how to track them over time. 

"The Heart Health Formula ultimately gives you the reassurance that you have done all you possibly can to assess your risk of heart disease and also put in place a plan to reduce that risk"


Who Is The Heart Health Formula For?

You Are A Good Fit If:

  • You are proactive about your heart health.¬†
  • You think the standard model¬†is not adequate in assessing risk.
  • You are someone who wants to use advanced testing to get a better assessment of your heart health.
  • You want a way to document and track your metrics over time.
  • You want to focus on lifestyle measures to address risk.
  • You want to prevent heart disease not just wait until it appears and then address it.
  • You want to prioritise your quality of life not just the length of your life. ¬†

You Are Not A Good Fit If:

  • You think your health is entirely other people's responsibility.¬†
  • You are 100% happy with the current model of assessing risk.¬†
  • You are happy using just the basics to assess and reduce your risk of heart disease.¬†
  • You are not really interested in using lifestyle measures to optimise your heart health.¬†
  • You are happy to wait until heart disease becomes an issue before you do anything about it.¬†
  • Quality of life is not really a priority and living longer is not that appealing.¬†

What Is Included In The COMPLETE Heart Health Formula?

1. Understanding Heart Disease Module

An In-Depth Explanation Of What Heart Disease Really Is & What Causes It.  

If you do not understand the problem you are dealing with, you can never address it. Included is the result of my 20+ years of researching heart disease. It is the explanation of heart disease that I wish someone had given to me when I was starting this journey. You do not have to do all the work researching online. I have done it all for you.  

The Understanding Heart Disease Package Is The Culmination Of 20 Years of Research. 

What Can You Expect Inside?

  • Understanding When Heart Disease Starts.
  • Why Heart Disease Is An Issue Even From Early In Life.¬†
  • The Stages Of Heart Disease & Why Assessing Early Is Critical.¬†
  • The Reasons The Standard Model Of Healthcare Will Let You Down.
  • Why intervening earlier in life is the key to preventing heart disease.¬†

"I’m struck by how knowledgeable and up-date Dr. Barrett is. He explains everything clearly and gives excellent and pragmatic advice on living with heart disease."


2. Defining Risks Module

Ever Wondered What The Most Comprehensive List Of Tests Are To Evaluate The Risk Of Heart Disease?  

When I started on this journey I could not find a comprehensive list of all the necessary tests that needed to be done to fully evaluate heart disease risk. So, I went and curated it myself. This module will give you all the tests that should be done and what they mean. 

"I had my executive health check each year and was told that everything was fine but when I did more advanced testing the results told a very different story"


3. Reducing Heart Disease Risk Module. 

A Step By Step Approach To Reducing Your Risk Of Heart Disease With An Emphasis On Lifestyle Interventions.  

The greatest reductions in the risk of heart disease are achieved when lifestyle factors are optimised. The Heart Health Formula gives a step by step solution to what these are and how to track them over time. 

The Reducing Heart Disease Risk Module Is Everything You Will Need To Know To Minimise Your Risk Of Heart Disease.

After years of research on how to integrate the best in lifestyle approaches and medications when required I finally discovered what I believe is the formula for lowering future heart disease risk and preventing heart attacks. 

"I knew there were things I could be doing from a lifestyle perspective to reduce my risk of heart disease but I had no idea how to work out exactly what I should be doing & how to track my progress over time."

All 3 Modules Together Have Taken Me Years To Research And Produce. 


Optimising Your Heart Health Could Add 10 Years To Your Life.

But If It Only Added 5 Years To Your Life Would This Formula Be Worth It?

I Think So.


What Is The Difference Between The Complete and The Express Heart Health Formula Products?

The COMPLETE Heart Health Formula.

EVERYTHING you need to understand heart disease, define your risk and put in place a risk reduction strategy. 

Nine hours of tailored video content delivered by Dr Barrett explaining absolutely everything you need to know about heart disease prevention. 

The EXPRESS Heart Health Formula.

The highest yield principles of heart disease prevention. 

If you get these right you are most of the way there. 

Two hours of condensed high yield instruction on the best tests to do and how to reduce risk with a major emphasis on lifestyle measures. 

"Dr. Barrett has mastered the art of combining prevention and intervention care in his own unique blend."

"Dr. Barrett is modern and progressive - the complete antithesis of the conventional interaction with healthcare"

"Using the latest methodologies and technologies, Dr. Barrett can help you understand your heart risk profile."

You Are All Fired Up Right Now, But What About Tomorrow?  

Most people get all excited when they see a world class formula for evaluating heart disease. They think they can do it on their own but end up right back where they started. Take action today!

"Data-driven approach that takes the latest scientifically verified approaches and maps them onto common-sense lifestyle changes."

** 100% Money Back Guarantee If You Are Not Happy.

It's Not Just About The Information, You Need A System.  

You could spend the next few years trawling through the medical research to try and put this information together and you could. But what you would not get is the way all of that information fits together as a system like it does in the Heart Health Formula. 

"Going through the Heart Health Formula completely changed how I think about heart disease."

You Really Only Have Two Choices. You Can Do Nothing Or You Can Act.

Most people will choose to do nothing. But most people will end up not knowing their future risk of heart disease and what to do about it. You have to ask which group you want to be in? 

"As a female, heart disease was not really on my radar. Going through the process has taught me so much about how to reduce my risk of heart disease."

Most People Get Lost & Confused Online When It Comes To Health Information. Don't Be.

When all you read seems to contradict itself, it is very hard to know what is really true. It takes years of expertise to find the signal in all the noise. I have done the work so you don't have to.  

Frequently Asked Questions...

If Not Today. When?

*No outcomes are guaranteed with the use of the Heart Health Formula, and individual results may vary.